Free, libre, open-source software that lets people create their own social network.

Libertree social networks can be free from commercial influence and manifestation, such as behaviour tracking, user profiling, advertising, data mining and analysis, and covert information filtering.

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There's already an active community on one of the first "trees" ever planted, maple. Sign yourself up in seconds, for free. Say hello once you're in.

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If you're a developer or sysadmin, and want to try the software yourself, you can try out our quick installation script, which will plant a standalone demo tree for you with minimal effort, and no up-front cost. Give Libertree a spin without committing any server space of your own.

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Libertree is licensed under the GNU General Public Licence. Peruse or grab the source code from github.

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Need help?

Ask a question on maple, or, if you're IRC-savvy, find us in the #libertree channel on Libera.